Jarvis Contracting Inc. is dedicated to providing a very simple process to begin the journey of your residential project. We are focused on the small details and strive to provide a finished product that you can share with your friends and family. We support our clients in any way and we are only a phone call away.


Our Process

1. Initial Inquiry

In order to start the process you can either give us a call or fill out our online questionnaire. Either James or Ian will get back to you as soon as we have received your phone call or submission. 

2. Evaluation of the Site

In order to move forward with the process we will set up a meeting on site and go over all of the details of your proposed project.

3. Estimate

There is a difference between the estimate and the final quote. The estimate will be the initial planning budget that will be presented to the client after our first site visit. It will give you a rough indication of what the final project will cost.

4. Design Meeting, Site Measure, Retainer

If the Estimate is agreed upon, we will have a meeting on site to go over all design options and finalize the measurements of the proposed project. This meeting will be very detailed and its purpose is to finalize the architectural drawings that need to be created. We will also be collecting a retainer that covers all the pre-construction costs including drawings, permits, and any other documents needed for city submission.

5. 3-D Visual Presentation

Sometimes people would like to see their project in 3-D before it begins. This is a great way for JCI and the client to finalize design decisions and choose the finishing materials. We do not move on to the next phase until we have finalized all design and materials.

6. Final Contract and Scope of work

With the completed drawings and designs finalized we will create a final contract detailing the scope of work to be completed along with all of the pricing. If the contract is agreed upon then both parties will sign and a deposit will be collected by JCI. Once the city approves the permit, we will begin the construction process stipulated in the contract.